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Imaging and Staging

Imaging and Staging

Apogee’s Imaging Service transfers your customised operating system (OS) together with your required software applications to your purchased desktops, notebooks, tablets, and servers.

This service deploys a static image and can be combined with pre and post imaging tasks to meet your custom requirements for each imaging project.

With over 25 years of experience and a wide array of configuration services, Apogee allows you to ship your systems directly to their final destination fully configured and ready for out-of-box plug and play deployments.

Our stated goal is for quality assurance. Apogee has a team of engineers, technicians and team leaders trained for work on image deployments. Customer specific deployment instructions are strictly followed to ensure your devices are image and configured your way. If any issues are encountered, Apogee will contact you immediately to resolve the issue. Each device goes through a comprehensive quality control process that includes QC checks by the primary configuration technician and a second QC technician. Apogee is ISO 9001 certified and the names of the primary technician and QC technician are recorded for all orders. Team members are held accountable for adhering to our quality control procedures.

Upon completing of the imaging and configuration process the technology is stored at our facilities or yours. Many customers with multiple office location find it convenient to store their order with Apogee and stage the deliveries in a phased approach in coordination with the deployment schedule. By offloading this process Apogee will schedule deliveries, confirm configurations and test the hardware, build and install software images, and deliver the products to the end users desk.

Leverage the expertise of Apogee’s Configuration Services team to keep your IT projects on schedule and to help you reduce deployment time and increasing your ROI.

Increase your return on investment by shipping fully configured devices directly to the location of intended use. Apogee saves you time and resources that would be needed to complete this task onsite or configure in one office and then pay additional shipping costs to deliver devices to another location. Apogee Standard Image Deployment Service offers many benefits:

  • Custom turnkey solution to meet your project requirements
  • Reduce application installation and system deployment time and expense
  • Deploy your systems on schedule
  • Eliminate defective and DOA (dead on arrival) devices and associated RMAs
  • Ensuring stringent anti-virus practices are enforced
  • Free your IT staff to focus on core IT business objectives
  • Direct engineer-to-customer relationship for scope, preparation, and proof of concept consultation
  • Proven methodology for image deployment provides consistent results

Your first step is meeting with one of our Desktop Services experts who will take time to understand your organisation and the unique way your people, processes and technology currently work.

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Our equipment is so much more reliable, and we just don’t have the problems that we’d become used to in the past. Apogee have given us a level of support that we can be confident in. It’s great not to have to worry about things any more.

Apogee DS deliver 2,500 pre-configured
computers to NHS Foundation Trust

This year, suppliers were invited to submit bids for staging and deploying over 2,500 desktop computers and laptops across the Trust and 56 GP practices in Rotherham and surrounding areas. Apogee Desktop Services were awarded the supply and service agreement and started the process of implementing a project plan, working to Prince2 policy standard and tailoring our services to meet the exact needs of the Trust.

Apogee stored, configured, imaged, deployed and cascaded desktops and laptops to desk across various GP practices. In addition, familiarisation training was provided to ensure every user derived the full benefit of the new equipment and software from the outset. Apogee worked as an extension of the Trusts IT Team and rolled out technology over a three-month period, while providing full project management assistance throughout.

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